When most people think of working out, it is probably not something they look forward to doing. What if people actually looked forward to working out instead of dreading it? At Forest City Fitness, we think exercise should be something exciting that propels you to the gym—not away from it. There is perhaps no better exercise that embodies this outlook towards exercise than Zumba, the dancing exercise craze that is fantastic for achieving and maintaining your health goals. To convince you of this, we have listed the top ten health benefits of Zumba fitness.

1) Burns weight and calories

This should be fairly obvious. Zumba, at its very core, is all about movement, whether it’s dancing the merengue; shaking your hips; and even doing fitness exercises, such as push-ups, that are incorporated into a Zumba routine. In fact, you may well burn between 600-1,000 calories in a single Zumba session.

2) It’s Addicting, So You Will Want To Exercise More!

As many of its proponents will tell you, Zumba is extremely addicting. That may not seem like a health benefit on its own, but consider the implication: you will want to keep doing Zumba, so, by extension, you will want to keep on exercising. Zumba is so fun it doesn’t feel like “normal” workouts!  

3) Relieves Stress

An often unheralded benefit of Zumba—and a partial reason for its international success, with 15 million weekly Zumba participants in 180 countries—is that it distracts from whatever stressful events you’re dealing with in life. You simply lose yourself to the hypnotic beat and forget about your problems; see you later, stress!

4) Full-Body Workout

Zumba dancing is a full-body exercise; you exercise your legs with the steps, strengthen your arms with swaying motions and push-ups, and you develop your abs and butt with squats.   

5) Great for Cardio

Like the first point, this should be fairly obvious. Your dancing and moving at varying speeds, so it is only natural that you improve your cardiovascular health with sustained Zumba classes.

6) Tones the Body; You’ll Look Even Better!

Closely related to #4, Zumba makes you move and dance around for an extended period of time, which will do wonders for body-toning, especially if you continue with weekly Zumba classes. Everything will look a little sharper!

7) Improves Your Coordination

Dancing naturally improves your coordination. As such, as you continue to take Zumba classes, your footwork and ability to follow the routine will improve in time.

8) Enhances Mood

As you dance, your brain will release endorphins that will make you feel happy and exuberant!

9) Makes You More Confident

Not only will Zumba dancing release mood-altering endorphins, but as you continue to dance, you will also tone your body (see #6 above), which will make you feel more confident with how you look.

10) Boosts Metabolism

Exercising naturally helps speed up your metabolism, which will help with any weight-loss goals.

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