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The Best Leg Exercises

As the foundation of your body, it’s important that your legs stay as strong and mobile as possible. To help you effectively train your lower body and see results in no time, here are eight of the best leg exercises you need to add to your workout routine. Jumping...

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Free Weights vs Weight Machines

The debate regarding which exercise method for muscle and strength training is better has been building up for decades. We’re here to get to the bottom of it. Which is better: free weights or weight machines? Keep reading to find out. Free Weights Who is this workout...

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How to Ease Yourself Back into Exercising

It’s hard to throw yourself back into the fitness game once you’ve broken your routine. Whether it’s been one month or one year, getting back into the habit of exercising consistently is difficult. You’ll find a number of excuses to put off starting, but no more! If...

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Things that you can do on your rest day

If you are someone who loves to train at least five days a week and the prospect of a rest day makes you anxious, there are some activities that can be incorporated in your rest day, giving you the thrill and satisfaction of a workout, without over exerting your...

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What Muscle Groups Should be Worked Out Together

Why do we need to group muscles together for an effective workout? Exercising muscle groups that would naturally work together creates a simple workout session that doesn’t strain your muscles from head to toe. Working out particular muscle groups as one through...

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Clean Bulking vs Dirty Bulking

When the weather starts getting cold again it means we get to wear our heavy coats, sweaters, scarves, boots, and pants to stay warm. Not only do these clothing items protect our skin from the harsh cold climate, it also hides our bodies so we can enter the bulking...

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