Looking to build muscle and mass? Your exercise solutions are the squat and the deadlift. Most lifters use conventional deadlifts to build strength in their legs and burn calories, which will ultimately help to tone additional muscle groups in the body. The deadlift is an excellent exercise, however, it isn’t the most viable choice for every lifter. Don’t lament on deadlift exercise loss when there are several available alternatives to build up your muscle and mass.

Ready to substitute the deadlift? Check out Forest City Fitness’ most effective deadlift alternatives to try.

Rack Pull

Rack pulls are a movement that builds and improves overall strength with a specific focus on the lower body area, especially the back. The rack pull exercise is valuable for correcting bad deadlift form by hindering your range of motion. This exercise is beneficial for lifters as it builds a base for using heavier weights without full-range exercises. Use the following instructions when practicing the rack bell exercise:

  1. Place a barbell on the squat rack right above your knee area. Separate your feet with a shoulder-width distance and bend your knees, leaning forward slightly.
  2. With one palm facing forward and the other palm facing inward, place both on the bar.
  3. As you pull the barbell off the rack up, extend your knees and hips until your body straightens fully. Pause for a moment, then retract to starting position and place the barbell back on the rack.


Pull Through and Kettlebell Swing

This workout is especially helpful to build up and strengthen the back muscles without the heaviness of rack pulls. Here’s how to effectively complete this exercise:

  1. Stand with shoulder-width distance while the kettlebell is a foot in front of where you stand. Bend at your waist, while you grab the kettlebell with both hands.
  2. Ensure your palms are facing you, lift the kettlebell and swing between your legs while your knees are bent slightly. Keep your neck and back completely flat.
  3. Push the kettlebell forward toward the front of your body but do not have the bell travel above your shoulders.
  4. Allow the kettlebell to then swing back between your legs and maintain a flat back and neck.

Farmer’s Walk

This exercise builds strength in the upper back and the body’s core without placing pressure on the lower back. Here’s how to do the Farmer’s Walk:

  1. Grab two heavy weighted dumbbells or kettlebells and have one in each hand.
  2. Walk slowly in a straight line, holding each bell for 30 seconds to one minute. Every 30-60 seconds is considered one set. Do four sets total.

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