Introducing Kangoo Jumps

Anyone who’s done standard aerobics probably understands the joint aches and fatigue that such exercise brings. We all want to be healthy, but getting the intense work out you need without suffering for days after is tricky. This is where Kangoo Jumps really shines.

What is Kangoo?


More than a regular interval training class, Kangoo uses specially designed rebound boots to help you build muscle and endurance. The boots’ radical design is a bit like an in-line skate with a bouncy ski in the place of wheels. People who join our classes often say Kangoo boots feel like you’re walking on a trampoline (or jumping on the bed)!

Our exercise program is made to challenge your entire body with increasing intensity every time. You will experience resistance and weight training complexity, in a healthy form that protects your joints from the aches and pains of standard workouts on hard surfaces.

Who can benefit from Kangoo Jumps?


Everyone! Our classes are intense and complex enough for hardcore fitness london ontario gym fans, but still easy to learn for newcomers of any fitness level. Some of our instructors even offer Kangoo for kids! Take a look at our listing of registered instructors to find the right class for you.

Kangoo isn’t just about physical fitness either! Many participants report that they feel more confident, have better mental clarity, and even sleep better when they workout with Kangoo Jumps.

Is it hard to learn?


Many people who come to Kangoo Jumps classes feel a little intimidated at first. That’s okay! A bit like riding a bicycle, our boots only get easier to master the longer you try. Most newcomers get the hang of things by the end their very first day. We work with you to make sure you’re ready to take on any new moves.

What kind of exercises can I do in Kangoo Jumps?


Virtually all aerobic and interval training you do, you can do in Kangoo! The boots simply add intensity through weight and the natural force of gravity. In fact, working out with Kangoo Jumps burns up to 25 per cent more calories.

A typical Kangoo class begins with aerobics, such as step touches and hamstring curls. Then we move to interval training such as hops and squats. (Many participants call this the most fun part!) Some classes even incorporate traditional floor exercises like push-ups. With such versatility, even your most favourite routine can be made better with Kangoo Jumps!

Are the boots comfortable?


They’re very comfortable indeed! Kangoo boots are made in flexible sizes with a padded liner that conforms to your foot. Anyone can wear them, from age 6 to 92! Designed in Switzerland with high-quality materials, Kangoo Jumps boots are made to be your “gym in a bag” anytime, no matter what your fitness level is.

Do I need to buy the boots before I can join a class?


Not at all! We understand that some may want to try a few classes before they buy their own boots. Many of our classes offer boots you can rent for the session. Of course, having your own pair provides added benefits, such as being able to use them at home when you can’t make it to class. We offer a wide selection of boot styles and colours to choose from once you decide to buy!

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