It’s hard to throw yourself back into the fitness game once you’ve broken your routine. Whether it’s been one month or one year, getting back into the habit of exercising consistently is difficult. You’ll find a number of excuses to put off starting, but no more! If you want to start working out again, then here are several tips on how to achieve it successfully.

Do what works for you

When you used to exercise, once upon a time, what methods did you gravitate towards? Cardio? Weight training? Yoga? Look back at what gave you the best results and kept you motivated to continue working out. You’ll never stick to a routine that contains exercises you hate doing. Find what you love and stick to it, especially when you’re trying to get back into the fitness lifestyle.

Don’t forget about rest days

Just because you’ve decided to get back into exercising after several months without it, doesn’t mean you have to go for seven days a week to play catch-up. Your body needs rest days so it can recover and keep you going without injury. Rest days are a must if you plan on sticking to this healthy lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Get enough sleep

The human body needs sleep in order to properly recover from the day’s activities. When you’re exercising on a regular basis, you need adequate sleep so your body can restore itself and keep going. Without it, you’ll constantly be sore, exhausted, unmotivated and more likely to stop working out altogether. Do yourself a favour and get the seven to eight hours of sleep you’re supposed to.

Make it a priority

You want to workout five days a week? Then schedule a time to do so. Whether it’s in the morning before work or after you get home in the evening, it’s important to make exercising a priority in your life, something you need to do every day to feel as though you’ve accomplished something.

Challenge yourself for one month

To start making working out a habit once again, it’s best to take on a short-goal. Challenge yourself to workout consistently for one month, following whatever schedule works best for your routine and fitness goals. Going for one month is long enough to get your body and mind used to the aspect of exercising again, increase your chances of sticking with this healthy lifestyle.

Exercise for yourself

Getting back into the fitness lifestyle should be about wanting to get yourself as healthy as possible. Keep that in mind when working out that you’re exercising for yourself and nobody else.

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