Everyone loves the bbq season. It’s fun to gather with friends and family every few weekends for lavish summer spreads. Nothing beats feasting on grilled meats, roasts, freshly buttered bread and an array of rich desserts, all washed won by glasses of alcoholic beverages with near and dear ones. But when that girth grows and your belt snaps, the fun gives way to misery. There’s only one way to expand the pleasure without expanding your waistline. Working out well!

Burn those heavy carbs, high-calorie beverages and sugary delights with these four killer tips to stay lean and fit.

Train One Body Part on Bbq Day

The trick to fighting the excess bbq fat, carbs and proteins is to make your body use the extra calories to build muscles instead of storing fat. On bbq day, choose one body part and give it a good work out. Train either the back, chest, abs or legs with a professional trainer who can show you the right techniques if you are not familiar. It is important to do it the right way without getting carried away or you might end up injuring yourself. We also recommend compound multi-joint movements, keeping the volume a bit high to keep up the heart rate and burn more calories. If you work out well before you attack the dining table, your body will use the excess calories to swell up your muscles instead of your waistline.

Killer Cardio

Cardio may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you see the effects over time, it may soon become one. Prior to summer, try to burn off as much as possible. Try to get in one hour of low-intensity cardio after weight training. What exactly is cardio? Cardio exercises train endurance to strengthen the heart and boost blood circulation. Cardio involves longer workouts to make the heart beat faster and pump more oxygen through the blood vessels. Any activity that makes your heart beat 50-70% faster is considered as cardio. Cardio exercises are running, biking, dancing etc. Just 20-30 mins of cardio before the big bbq can make you feel a lot better about indulging.

Eat Less before the Bbq Feast

Staying fit and lean is a lifestyle shift that cannot be done in a day. It takes discipline, not a binge diet, to control your food intake. Try to consume lesser calories before the weekend bbqs. Have quality calories from healthy proteins and carbs such as oats, brown rice, whole wheat flour and sweet potatoes to stay fuller for longer. If you are full, you will tend to binge eat less. Binge eating can ruin all your calorie fat loss goals. If you watch what you are eating throughout the week and pick healthy choices, you will look forward bbq brunches, without sacrificing your health.

Consume Healthy Proteins, Carbs and Beverages

Eat smart instead of overindulging. Pick chicken, fish and lean meats over heavy hamburgers, sausages and hot dogs to keep calories low. Choose low-fat cheese and mustard over heavier cheese and sugary ketchup. Enjoy more salads and side dishes, baked beans, corn on the cob, chilli and coleslaw. Make sure they are not slathered in mayonnaise. Limit the dressings so the salads retain their fresh taste. Flavour with crushed garlic, honey mustard, lemon juice and zest, freshly crushed black pepper, olive oil and fresh herbs such as basil leaves instead. They are delicious as they sound and far more healthier than creamy mayonnaise. If you have to choose alcohol, pick clear, hard alcohol over rum and coke. One ounce of hard alcohol contains such 65 calories. Six light beers contain about 200 calories. That’s a big difference that will weigh heavy on your stomach. Better still, dump the alcohol and fill your belly with water instead. Dehydration slows down your metabolic process and gives you a hangover if go overboard on alcohol. Stay hydrated, stay healthy, even as you enjoy.

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