Have you ever thought about joining a 24/7/365 gym? It is a gym that’s always open and accessible only by a key fob. How does that work? What are the benefits of joining a gym that’s open 24/7/365 in London, Ontario?

How does a 24/7/365 Gym Work?

Traditional gyms are open during a set number of hours. This means members can only visit the gym and get a workout during these select hours. They are greeted by an employee who checks them in and out before and after their workout. Alternatively, there are some gyms that are open 24/7/365. When a member joins the gym, they are given a key fob. With this key fob, they can access the gym facilities and equipment whenever they want.

Benefits of a 24/7/365 Gym

  • Security

Because only people with a key fob can access the gym, there is an extra measure of security. Because only people with a key fob can access the facility, your security is always a top priority, even if there are no staff on location.

  • Work out on your own schedule

When you join a 24/7/365 gym, you can workout with professional equipment whenever it fits your personal schedule. A 24/7/365 approach is a much more personalized option. People join a gym because they don’t have that equipment or facility at home. The most personal gyms offer their members a gym experience that doesn’t constrict their members to a time schedule. Everyone works different schedules, both professionally and personally. With a gym like Forest City Fitness, you are able to workout whenever it works for you, even if that’s at 2:30 in the morning! Visit the gym during the day for daytime classes or very early in the morning before you start your workday.

  • Less crowded

By not cramming all of the members into the gym at the same time, you will notice the workout space is a lot less crowded. For many members, this improves the quality of their workout and limits the amount they have to wait for gym equipment. Less crowded gym spaces are also great for preventing the spread of viruses and germs.

If you are interested in seeing how you and your workout schedule can benefit from a 24/7/365 gym, contact Forest City Fitness today! When you book your first appointment, you will be given a key fob to access the workout space whenever you want!