Life can get busy. With classes, work, extracurricular activities and trying to have a social life, there doesn’t seem to be any time to fit in a 30-minute workout. But that’s where you’re wrong. Here are eight tips that are sure to help you balance a busy lifestyle while exercising daily.


Stop making them. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix isn’t you being too busy to workout. The same amount of time you spent watching a 40-minute show, you could have been exercising.

Schedule Time

Make time in your busy schedule to exercise. Whether it’s in the morning before your day starts, during a break or just before bed, get some kind of physical activity into your day. Write it in your planner or set a daily reminder on your phone to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Prioritize It

There’s a reason you want to exercise. It’s because you have a specific goal you want to reach, but in order to achieve that goal, you need to work at it. Just like with school or your career, striving to succeed takes work. Make exercise a priority in order to reach your fitness goals.

Be Patient

It will take time to adjust to a new schedule, so if you need to tweak some things around, that’s fine. Maybe you thought you’d be able to work out before school but find you just don’t have the energy. Nothing’s set in stone, so alter your schedule however many times you need to to keep you motivated.

Find Help

Getting a personal trainer may help you in working out consistently. Having someone there to guide you will make it harder to make excuses and avoid your daily training. Having a personal trainer, or even a friend that works out with you, holds you accountable and active.

Methods That Work For You

Maybe weight training or cardio bores you, making you less likely to work out. The key to consistently working out is to do something you enjoy, so maybe joining a sports team or fun gym class is the right path for you to get your daily exercise.

A Healthy Diet

You may be too busy to workout every day, and that’s okay as long as you incorporate a healthy diet into your daily life. Exercising is only half the battle when striving for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s the Little Things

Incorporate little activities throughout your day, like doing squats while brushing your teeth, taking the stairs instead of an elevator or jogging to class instead of slowly strolling, are forms of exercise that don’t take up any time. Little things like this will keep you active throughout the day if you just can’t find the time to hit the gym on a daily basis.

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