As with any massive undertaking or life change, there are times when you might hit a roadblock with your exercise progress. This is generally referred to as a workout plateau within the fitness community. Sooner or later, everyone that’s serious about fitness must eventually face this hardship. It marks a significant part of an individual’s journey to get fit and stay in shape, as the decisions made at that point literally make or break you. If you want to make sure you overcome a workout plateau that you’re currently facing, make sure to do the following:

1 – Keep Pushing Through It

Even if you get the sense that your workouts have stopped producing any real results, it’s important to keep pushing yourself to get through your routines. This is a true test of resolve and it is where many people fail. It’s much the same as weight loss plateaus in that regard. Giving up feels like the easiest thing in the world if you aren’t tenacious enough to keep pushing forward. If you’re serious about staying fit, you can’t let yourself give up!

2 – Add Modifiers To Your Routine

Once you’re in the midst of a workout plateau, you may need to add some modified versions of your exercises to your typical routine. For example, try adding more reps or wear leg and arm weights. Pushing even harder now that your body has become accustomed to a certain level of activity and struggle can be precisely what you need to ascend to the next level. You can also try to vary what you’re doing. If you usually get your cardio done on the treadmill, considering going to a spinning class or swimming. Challenging your body in a new way can help break the plateau and it will also keep things interesting for you.

3 – Consult With A Trainer

You may feel as if you’ll be labeled a failure if you admit to anyone that you’re having problems with your workouts. If you’re already going to the gym, you may as well talk to one of the personal trainers on hand. Even general staff members may be able to help you out. Someone will more than likely have experience with the exact type of plateau you’ve found yourself facing. With their guidance, it may be easier to overcome and start seeing results again.

Sadly, workout plateaus are often difficult to navigate. The high of seeing legitimate results early on suddenly being cut off can be a demoralizing experience. As long as you understand that your fitness journey is bound to have ups and downs, however, you’ll be far better prepared to ride out the lull until you’re back on top again.

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