If you have recently joined a gym, you are probably really excited about your new fitness routine to get healthier and get back into shape! However, if you have never been to a gym before, you may be worried that you will look out of place by doing something wrong. Everybody has these thoughts, so don’t worry! That is why we are here! Below are the most common ways to have great etiquette at the gym to ensure your workout goes well for you and the other people around you.

Rerack your weights

This is gym etiquette 101. You will probably be seeing signs all over your gym informing you to rerack your weights. Even with all those reminders, a few people still don’t follow this rule! After you a finished doing a workout using bars and weights, make sure you take the weights off and put them on their respected racks.

This indicates that you are finished with the bench or machine so the next person can use it. It’s also common courtesy so the next person doesn’t have to take off four 40 pound weights to use the bar.

Wipe down your equipment

Everybody is at the gym for the same reason you are; to get a sweat on and get in shape! Since you will be sweating a lot, it will end up getting on the benches and weights during your exercises. Nobody wants to touch your sweat and you probably don’t want to be touching other people’s sweat, either.

Stop the spreading of germs by bringing your own towel to wipe down the equipment after you use them. You can mark one side of the towel to ensure you are always using the same side to wipe down the equipment and the other side to wipe off your face.

Hoarding equipment

Never do this, but especially when the gyms in london ontario is super busy. You may be in a hurry to get your workout done or maybe you just hate waiting for pieces of equipment. If that is the case, you can buy your own workout equipment and use it at home! Always stick to one piece of equipment at a time, but if you need to use two, try to make your exercise quick and let somebody use the other piece of equipment in between your sets.

Respect Other’s Belongings

At Forest City Fitness, we have private change rooms with cubbies to store your belongings for when you go to exercise. We expect you to respect the belongings of other member’s that are in their own separate cubbies and to do any harm to their belongings. This includes stealing, tampering, hiding or destroying belongings of other members.