The debate regarding which exercise method for muscle and strength training is better has been building up for decades. We’re here to get to the bottom of it. Which is better: free weights or weight machines? Keep reading to find out.

Free Weights

Who is this workout method best suited for? Well, most people will be able to get a good workout in when using free weights properly to increase their strength and tone their body. Athletes need to be able to move their body fluidly in order to compete at high levels without injury. A combination of free weight and body weight exercises will allow them to do just that. The best way to get bigger and stronger, especially if you’re a bodybuilder, is to use free weights to isolate and bulk up certain muscle groups.

Using free weights, and body weight, to strengthen your muscles allows you to also train muscles you use in everyday activities. You can train in a way that will carry over to your daily life. Training with free weights also gives you more freedom and a wide range of motion. You’ll have a more natural body build because you’re putting more emphasis on smaller, lesser worked muscles as well as bigger ones. On a bit of a time crunch? Then this is the training method for you, as you can fit more exercises into a shorter timeframe while still having an effective workout, one that never gets old as there is an endless number of exercise variations as well.

Weight Machines

Who will make the most of using weight machines? Workout beginners who are new to the gym and don’t properly know how to effectively utilize free weights. While the pictures on the weight machines are helpful, it’s also beneficial to ask a trainer if you’re still confused. These strength training machines are highly effective for people looking to isolate specific muscles.

The great thing about using weight machines, especially for the first time, is that they’re fairly easy to learn right away. Each machine will come with instructions, safety tips and images of how the exercise is supposed to be performed. At Forest City Fitness, our workout machines feature a QR code that will link you directly to an instructional video on how to properly use the machine. It’s an effective way to work out specific muscle groups, especially when you’re using heavier weights, as you don’t need assistance from a personal trainer or gym buddy. Weight machines are incredibly useful for individuals with a low fitness level or who are recovering from an injury.

On the other hand, weight machines aren’t the best for helping with movements used on a daily basis, as it often neglects to work smaller muscle groups. While it’s the better option for beginners, there’s still a risk of injury if the wrong form or weight is used.

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